May 27

Earn More from NFT Game? Get The Premium Member Benefits


Dear players,

Today we will continue to educate you about the IOI token utilities. We are very close to the token listing. That’s why you need to know how to leverage the power of the IOI token, which is the backbone of the whole IOI Ecosystem.

If you do not have a clue of how to use the IOI token and what can the tokens  holding bring you, please read our latest article about six utilities or more about the specific topic on our blog website.

We have not still explained to you all the utilities, and today we will dive deep into the next one, “premium membership”.

What is the difference between a free and premium member?

Probably you have noticed once you register with Trade Race Manager, you have a choice to become a free or premium member. 

The free membership is not limiting you in any way, and you can participate in all the races and fully enjoy the NFT game.

You can also become an affiliate or team member from the beginning and collect the rewards.

Once you become a premium member you are leveraging what the Trade Race Manager NFT game offers you and simply said it is like trading with the 10x leverage but in this case, without any risk. As a premium member, you get these benefits:

Why to become a premium member?

As every business person, you probably ask yourself if it’s worth paying for the premium membership of 50 IOI Tokens monthly.

The first benefit is valuable since you get 5 % of the total platform turnover following team rules as a premium member. Just take care that you are on the right team. Anytime you can change it and find the better one. This share can become huge once the team is big and with a high winning ratio.

Another great benefit is the premium fuel what means that you get premium crypto tips on what crypto to tank in your NFT car. 

Furthermore, you can open short traders suitable for crypto-assets since they are the most volatile ones in the world.

The last benefit is the special daily tasks that can bring you more  IOI Tokens. This feature is still developing, but in the end, you quickly cover the 50 IOI monthly costs with all these premium membership features. 

For those who would like to build a community with us, it is obvious the premium membership brings you more advantages.

Are you as excited as we are? Stay with us because this is just getting better. 

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions. official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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