May 5

How to make $ 1000 a month by playing the Trade Race Manager NFT game?


Dear community,

Firstly, let me remind you that we are finally going public with the IOI Token on 10th May as announced a couple of days ago. This is a major milestone not only for us but mainly for our community.

The IOI token release is just the beginning and you can fully utilize the token in the Trade Race Manager game. Blockchain enables us to follow the play2earn model and really make living while playing the game.

That`s why we start the first blog series with the topic “how to earn by playing Trade Race Manager NFT game”.

Trade Race Manager is the first-ever NFT trading game connecting trading and gaming together which makes this combination a unique niche.

How to earn with Trade Race Manager?

The IOI corporation built the game for the long term and makes continuous progress bringing new features almost every week.

Considering the current status, we have three main options how to earn with Trade Race Manager:

  • Trading
  • NFT rewards
  • Affiliate rewards


If you are a good trader in any market, you can make juicy winnings in the Trade Race Manager game using very useful Tradingview tools. Also, we have “demo trade” strategies for those who want to try free races. If you win, you get 0.28 IOI. However, even without winning you get a free ticket a day.

You can use the free ticket in the Fast Race Beginner Game and depending on how many other players participate in the race, you can win a minimum of 0.8 IOI without risking your bet.

For advanced traders, you can choose from professional races and win much more.

Smart Copy Trading Tip

This tip is rather for beginner traders who do not have any technical  analyses skills. Follow the free race winners portfolio and copy it immediately in the paid races according to your risk tolerance. Please, be aware that this is not a 100% guarantee of winning but it is only a small tip. 

A long-term strategy is to work on your trading skills and make your own team where you can benefit from various kinds of rewards as a team owner or manager. This will be a topic of upcoming articles. 

Non fungible token rewards

Since we are also an NFT game there are rewards for those who just hold NFTs in the form of staking rewards. More NFT cars you own, the higher rewards you get. Everything is described in our whitepaper. A minimum reward for a common car is 0.10 IOI a day up to a maximum reward of 20.51 IOI if you hold all NFT car editions including the rare ones.

The IOI team is enlarging the NFT family and soon the NFT tracks and Avatars will be released with additional benefits. This will be the subject of the specific article. 

A bonus advantage of NFTs is their liquidity hence you can sell them on any open marketplace and make a profit even on our platform.

Affiliate rewards

We understand that the community is the key element in the gaming industry. That’s why we focus mainly on building community and connections within the Trade Race Manager Game.

A happy community is always willing to spread success and we are happy to offer affiliate rewards.  Everything is described in the whitepaper but your earnings have three sources.

  • Gaming turnover rewards
  • NFT purchased rewards
  • Staking rewards

You can get rewards from a gaming turnover starting at 0,5 % and an additional one of 3 % based on the NFTs volume purchased. The affiliate levels are classified based on the game turnover you make.

Do not forget to talk about us to your friends and relatives. Gaming and trading is a huge market so they would be surely interested in it.

Please be aware that this a general and first overview of how to earn with Trade Race Manager and we will go into more details in our next articles. Once the IOI Token is live on exchanges we can do real calculations and help you to earn money with Trade Race Manager!

Stay with us, because this is just getting better. 

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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