May 4

IOI Corporation Announces Public Token Sale


Become rich with IOI Corporation and Trade Race Manager because this will bring you unlimited reward!

All the hard work has paid off. IOI Corporation, a blockchain startup developing a gaming application, is announcing the imminent launch of their public token sale on 10th of May 2021. 

This long-awaited event is going to take place on DAO MAKER and IGNITION. 

IOI Corporation is behind the blockchain solution for gamers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts named Trade Race Manager. DeFi and NFTs power the ecosystem featured with one token economy.

IOI Corporation

IOI Corporation is led by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals and prominent advisors who have come together to deliver a new dimension of DeFi and NFTs “gaming adventure” free from existing chains’ shortcomings.

IOI Token

The ecosystem has its own token IOI, its native currency with various utilities and automatic value protection. You may unlock the rare NFTs cars and earn unlimited rewards in IOI tokens.

We will execute IOI Public Token Offering by leveraging some of the currently existing launchpads.

The Trade Race Manager

TRM had its soft launch in 2020 and has since been upgraded, with 3D models and NFT features running on the scalable Polygon blockchain network.

Players need to own NFT cars to participate in races and predict the best performing portfolio of cryptocurrencies to start the race. There are races with different time frames and rewards. The one with the highest performance score is the winner. Even if the player does not win, they get daily staking rewards for holding NFTs. The more cars you hold, the more rewards you get. The structure is going to be as follows:

  • NFT cars
  • An NFT team station
  • NFT tracks 
  • Avatars

The NFTs are also available exclusively on the Arkane Network marketplace! Arkane has a unique feature that you can purchase the game items via PayPal. The NFTs are available on our platform via cryptocurrencies as well. 

The main advantage is that all NFT transactions will run on the Polygon ( Matic) Network with low fees.

More partnerships with many valuable companies and token features as governance are coming soon.

We hope you enjoyed the recent updates. Stay tuned for the listing plan article.

                                                                                       ❗️❗️ ATTENTION! ❗️❗️

👉 Massive token burning

50% of the total token supply will be burned on the 9th of May. Just one day before the $IOI token goes live. Get ready for  and don't miss your chance to grab your tokens.

To the final tokenometrics update we have added also

✅ Market making liquidity

✅ Marketing partners





😎Get rich like Rich





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