May 17

Let’s Make Bank With Mr. Rich Affiliate Level


Dear community,

If you follow the crypto market it is obvious we have a correction which is needed to maintain healthy Bitcoin price upwards trend continuation. Good traders are able to react accordingly  and find profitable trades in both market conditions, bullish or bearish. 

Playing the Trade Race Manager  NFT game you can monetize your trading skill too. It does not matter whether you are long or short. The IOI corporation team has developed the game for any market circumstances.

The big advantage is that our NFT game does not offer you only one source of income but much more. Read the recent blog if you want to find out more.

Moreover, be ready for the upcoming IOI Token public listing since we are very close to reveal the exchange.

How to become a TOP Trade Race Manager Affiliate?

The great opportunity where you can leverage your rewards is the Trade Race Manager Affiliate system. As promised, today we will focus to dive deep into this specific topic that you can understand how you can use  IOI tokens to get different affiliate levels.

The structure is straightforward. We follow the same tiers as the NFT cars, starting with common up to the legendary tier. The tiers are bringing you various affiliate provisions depending on which level you are.

Invite people via your unique link and level up your income with a TRM affiliate program consisting of the following levels:

We made it simple since you can buy the affiliate level as NFT on the in - game marketplace except for the common one which is not NFT level. The prices are starting from 100 IOI up to the 10 000 IOI for the highest level Mr. Rich.

How much you can earn as a Trade Race Manager affiliate?

Let's make an simple example with the Legendary Mr. Rich affiliate level benefits.  He brings you the  best reward ratio including  18 % APY staking rewards like indicated in the picture below.

If you want to become a TOP Trade Race Manager Affiliate, you have to follow these steps: 

  1. Buy the avatar using IOI or Matic token  
  2. Build the community of traders and racers 
  3. Enjoy the earnings

Lets make an fast calculation how you can benefit mostly. You invite just two friends who are good traders as you are and want to make some side money.  They both want to sign up some other traders hence they both buy the super  & epic level NFT affiliates, common levels cars and their monthly in game volume is 1000 IOI. 

The picture below explains how much you can earn every month almost as a passive income. Just invite every month one new partner that buys the same NFT avatars.

Making 410 IOI monthly income is the minimum you can get and its value can vary starting from 500 USD with future huge upside potential as explained in this article

Be aware that you can easily 10X your earnings bringing just 10 excited traders or gamers.

For those who would like to build a community with us, we are going to assign also a responsible affiliate manager who can help you anytime you need  support.

Are you as excited as we are? Stay with us, because this is just getting better.

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions or read the official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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