April 7

The First NFT Sold within a Minute and a Chance to Get NFT for free.


Welcome to the March news. There was so much going on over the past month. You might have noticed that the new exciting Trade Race Manager game is already up and running and you can enjoy the brand new experience of this trading game even for free.

The first Wednesday Race on TRM platform

On March 24, the first public beta test of Wednesday Race was held, and it was completely free for all users. This game was on IOI-game the most favourite race with a guaranteed trading pool and we are sure people will also love the new Wednesday Race on Trade Race Manager at least so much. So register now and join the race! Don't forget that the early bird gets the worm!

TRM is getting known on Youtube

Apart from being noticed on the most known crypto media like Cointelegraph, NewsBTC etc., we are pleased that we attracted also well-known YouTubers like VoskCoin, John Acquaviva, Pro Blockchain and others.

NFT wallet and NFT market

Our NFT IOI-wallet has been up and running for the public since mid-March, so users can buy our NFT car collections in the wallet. The price starts from 600 IOI for the lowest bronze edition.  There are four car tiers available for purchase. We have also conducted the first IOI NFT sale on the Arkane marketplace. NFT car was sold within seconds, which we consider as a great achievement. Soon there will be more NFT cars for sale on Arkane. Keep an eye on our social channels not to miss out on the announcements.

BGA giveaway

Did you attend the live event held by our partner BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance)? It was a great opportunity to learn more about Trade Race Manager, future development plans and all attendants had a chance to win great giveaway prizes. One of the prizes was an NFT car sponsored by IOI- corporation.

IOI token swap

Long awaiting token swap is already available for our users, and you can now transfer your IOI tokens from IOI- game onto the Trade Race Manager platform. As long as you have the same registered email on both platforms, you can migrate the tokens in one click. Simply click the "swap tokens" button after logging in to the old IOI-Game website, and your migration is done. You can find more detailed information about the token swap here.

As we have been working hard fort our users, we are looking forward to bring you another great news about the next progress soon.

Explore the Trade Race Manager game and start enjoying all the benefits the platform offers. You can still do your daily tasks for free tokens or play free races to learn the game and earn even more with other games.

Not a gamer? Then the NFT staking program might suits you better. You will love your daily rewards and with a rare car unlocked you will get your rewards doubled. And it's still not everything. Discover all the possibilities on how to create multiple incomes with Trade Race Manager.


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