May 9

The Massive IOI Token Burning Performed


As you are definitely aware we have a multi-utility token structure with various kinds of functions as you can read in the recent blog post.

The goal is to engage our community hence make sure you are ready for the upcoming public sale and get some IOI tokens..

Fair tokenomics

The IOI Corporation has decided to update the tokenomics and burn the majority of the ecosystem tokens before we go public.

The reason is to make the token rules more transparent with the long-term goal to transfer tokens to our community while maintaining their value.

Token burning refers to the permanent removal of existing cryptocurrency coins from circulation. The practice of burning is common in the industry and is quite straightforward. There are several reasons to burn tokens this way, but generally, the move is for deflationary purposes.

The Final  IOI Corporation team decision is to carry out the massive burning event with the following details:

 49 700 000 IOI Tokens burned with the proof on etherscan 

We support both the ETH and Polygon network  with the whole supply split in half per each.  

The new tokenometrics is also updated on the website including this major change with total supply of 50 Million IOI Tokens.

The fair tokenomics also means that the new tokens gradually increase the supply starting at 4,8 % during TGE with estimation to hit maximum of 28 % tokens in circulation end of the 2021.

Stay with us, because this is just getting better. 

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions or read the official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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