April 18

Trade Race Manager Launches its NFTs with Benefits on the Arkane Network


Trade Race Manager Launches its NFTs with Benefits on the Arkane Network

Dear community, 

We are about to share some great information with you, so stay focused. As you already know, we are working hard to bring the Trade Race Manager further step by step. We appreciate our gamers; we have therefore created a benefit for you together with Arkane Network NFT marketplace.

Benefit? Here we go!

Let's find out more.

Up until now, the player had to buy the whole tier to reach the cars from the higher tier. But, with the benefit, we are offering our players an option to become an owner of a car from a higher tier without the obligation to purchase the previous one.

Let's be specific. As you may already know, we have four different levels - Common, Super, Epic, Legendary. And you usually have to buy six cars to get from the Common level to the Super level. But with the benefit, our player will get a better car that will ensure him a higher staking reward without the duty to fulfil the 6 cars amount, according to the whitepaper.

What cars are available?

1. Common Level - Rhino Car with 6 % APY staking

2. Super Level - Dorian Car with 12% APY staking APY

3. Epic Level - Cyborg Car with 18 % staking APY

4. Legendary Level - Hyper Car with 24 % staking APY

Don't hesitate to buy your "dream car" on the Arkane marketplace using the IOIs and get involved in this exciting game. We mentioned in the latest blog that we are working on another 480 cars to be involved in the NFT market. Here it is so you have something to look forward to because big things are happening!

PayPal and Bitpay as payment options

Moreover, the benefit is spread with the payment method, as we have previously mentioned, which consists of the PayPal payment option. And even the other cryptocurrencies via Bitpay supporting many cryptocurrencies everything explained in the video.

This is a pleasant added value after launching the partnership with the Arkane network, which means a significant step forward for Trade Race Manager. 

Stay with us, because this is just getting better. 

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.

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