April 14

Trade Race Manager NFT Market is Live


Dear community,

Here we are again pleased to bring some fantastic news to your attention. What could be better than launching the NFT in-game marketplace, which is incorporated. What does this mean in practice?

You can finally buy the NFT cars with IOI tokens. NFTs cars main utility is to race and win the races according to your portfolio performance. Moreover, you can have staking rewards according to the edition you have. There are four types of editions at the disposal:

● Common
● Super
● Epic
● Legendary

The higher edition you have, the better staking reward you can get.

If you have enough IOI tokens, you can buy any car you want. It is very simple by just clicking on the buy button and adding the wished car into your "My car" list. So you can buy the car you want using the IOI tokens very easily.

What can you buy?

As we are moving forward, there are a few more items you can purchase using IOI tokens shortly. First of all the Racers, secondly the Tracks and lastly Teams bringing you unique benefits. In the end, the NFT family will contain:

● Cars
● Racers
● Tracks
● Teams

This is getting really exciting, as we are about to add more usage, functions, and features into the NFTs. As you already noticed, the NFTs are booming right now. That's why we are creating and improving this game for you, for the gamers.

We are also adding different payment options. Until now, you could only buy your cars using the IOIs. We are working on a new payment option via Polygon Network token coming very soon.

New Whitepaper released

As we have already informed on our social channels, we have recently released the new White paper. You may already know, many things have changed in the recent months and we have completely rebuilt the platform Trade Race Manager.  Many new features have been added related to non fungible tokens and we are completely using the Polygon Network.

This is the reason why the new Whitepaper has been released which contains all the new updates. Please read the latest version.

In the end, we are very excited to conclude that the purchase of the NFTs on the Trade Race Manager new marketplace is very flexible with the wide choice of items  explained in the latest video.

There is much more coming soon since the team works hard to bring you spectacular improvements, news, and game excitement.

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below.

Company website


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