April 21

Trade Race Manager NFT Game Special Campaign Starting


Dear community,

We are coming back to you with another great information on engaging with the Trade Race Manager NFT game.

Before you scroll down to the campaign conditions, read a bit more about the benefits Trade Race Manager platform offers.

We truly believe that you had the chance to look at the NFT cars collection launched last week at Arkane Market Place. Our team is happy to inform you that we have already sold NFTs in 5000 USD value as per the Twitter Information.

What to do with the NFT cars once you have purchased them and how to leverage your trading knowledge? That is precisely the topic we are going to dive deep into today.

Sure there are various types of games we offer on the platform but there is much more you can enlarge your community with and be rewarded.

Join the teams and discover benefits

Firstly you can become either team owner or team manager. Let's have a closer look at these two possibilities.

As a  team manager you will get the following capabilities:

  • Create your trading strategy for your racers
  • Get 10 % from each premium member - 5 IOI 
  • Premium members get added value from daily tips, premium fuel, and much more daily tasks
  • The maximum team capacity is 1000 members  
  • You need to hold 1000 IOI to become a manager

The capacity of your team is highly dependent on your activity. The manager can make on average 500 IOI a month but he can make even 5000 IOI if the team is complete. The team manager is also ranked by his team members and the community aspect is very high.

As a  team owner you will get the advanced capabilities:

  • Hire the managers  to build and lead the racing  teams 
  • Get 20 % share from membership paid  out of each premium member (only 100 members would generate $400 monthly at this time)
  • Get a share from 5% monthly platform turnover  
  • You need to pay 1000 IOI to become the owner of a team (Free for the campaign winner)

The manager can make on average 1 000 IOI a month but he can climb up to 10 000 IOI if the teams are full of premium members. 

Do not forget that the teams you own are also NFTs. The owners are therefore motivated to hire the best managers to get the highest possible NFT team price on the market.

Join the team as you wish and build your position.

Trade Race Manager Affiliate Program

Second added value where you can leverage your rewards is the Trade Race Manager affiliate program.

The structure is straightforward. We follow the same tiers as the NFT avatars, starting with common up to legendary tier. They are bringing you various affiliate provisions depending on which level you are in. 

Every level has a different reward ratio (as shown below in the table) according to an affiliate bet turnover (ABT) of each affiliate member your link brings. You will automatically gain a provision of each NFT bought by your affiliate members. That means that your investment can be recuperated in a very short time.

Furthermore, the starting level is NON-NFT Avatar. To enjoy the benefits of the following ones you will need to buy the NFTs which can be appreciated in future value. Please note that the best reward ratio brings you the Mr. Rich Legendary Avatar with 18 % APY staking rewards.

As you already know, we are working continuously to bring excitement to the Trade Race Manager game players. Therefore we have made a special campaign where you can boost these two above mentioned benefits.

What is the special campaign about?

We like to engage the Trade Race Manager community, and if you are a creative person, this is a very simple task.

  • Create a video review about Trade Race Manager or video where you play our games. Share it on your Instagram reels, Tik-Tok, Youtube or Twitter. 
  • Once the video is listed on your social channel, send us direct DM with the link of the vdeo to our Twitter or Instagram.
  • We will share your work in our social media and telegram group for everybody to see and vote.
  • Mentioning IOI token public sale in the video will add you extra rating points and will increase your chance of winning. The sale starts 10th of May 2021 on Daomaker and Ignition!
  • The winner will be decided by video quality, creativity, and community feedback on 21.5.2021! So stay tuned!

The challenge prize is 1000 USD in Polygon tokens. Moreover, the winner will also receive his own team in TRM with unlimited passive income possibilities! (scroll up for more details)

The challenge is live from 21.4.2021 to 20.5.2021! 

We hope you will enjoy this creator’s challenge and wish you good luck while making the best video!

We have started to record for you also a video news version hence here you can watch the youtube channel. 

Stay with us, because this is just getting better. 

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.

Company website





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