May 12

Trade Race Manager is going to accept the IOI & POLYGON tokens on Ethereum chain


Dear community,

The IOI Token public sale is running exactly according to schedule and soon you will have the IOI Tokens ready for the game in your wallets.

We hope that most of you will get a chance to grab a token and participate in a Trade Race Manager game very soon.

Once again the IOI Corporation team is happy to inform you that we have increased the overal NFTs sales and reached the total value of $46 000 sold on the Arkane Market place. Hurry up and buy the NFTs special edition before it’s gone and start racing.

This time we are going to teach you how to deposit IOI Token on the Trade Race Manager Platform the easiest and cheapest way.

Multiblockchain features of IOI Token 

As you know we support both the Ethereum and Polygon network with IOI Token hence you can deposit IOI via different blockchain networks. The Ethereum fees are reaching  very high levels  and we encourage you to deposit  via Polygon one.

The future exchange structure we are still working on is to have one centralized exchange for IOI trading on Ethereum network and two decentralized ones for each Ethereum and Polygon Network. 

Once you decide to deposit from  ETH DEX or CEX we highly recommend you to firstly withdraw to non custodial wallet like Metamask because we do not support the deposits from exchanges. If you would like to deposit via Polygon DEX there is direct flow like you see on the picture below:

How to make deposit and dont lose your coins

Please read this carefully and follow these instructions to deposit IOI Tokens

  1. Click manage funds in the left menu and you will see the following :

          2.Pick the currency IOI or Polygon and choose the blockchain Polygon or Ethereum

          3. If you choose Ethereum network please always add your non custodial crypto wallet address (from which you will send the IOI tokens) and once you sent, push the confirm button.

          4. If you choose Polygon network, once you have deposited the funds and the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, push the claim button. You do not need to add the crypto address you are sending from.

Please read this once again or watch it here since we do want our players to lose any funds. We do not refund any loss related to this issue but we try to teach you to avoid it.

As you can see the IOI token is multi blockchain coin. We think that interoperability is the future and we are exploring to add more chains soon. 

Stay with us, because this is just getting much better. 

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions or read the official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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