March 31

Trade Race Manager token swap update


Dear Community,

Again, we are happy to inform you about meaningful action that has to be done by you, our players. As you know, we are successfully upgrading the beta version of the Trade Race Manager NFT game; hence you can have a much more exciting experience. Since we appreciate our community and there is still an IOI game running, you need to
be aware of some significant actions related to the tokens’ swap on the IOI Game platform.

We are in the transition period, and we are continuously working to bring you good news. Please be aware that the IOI token will be the only cryptocurrency in the Trade Race Manager running on the Polygon Network. Therefore all the IOI token remaining balance has to be swapped.

How to swap IOI tokens between platforms and what are the requirements:

  • You can swap TRX deposited to the platform only before the 1st of March
  • The minimum swap amount is the equivalent of 100 IOI
  • The partial swap is not possible to do
  • The total swap balance includes the both IOI game and Nitro wallet
  • The players who created the Trade Race Manager account need to have the same registration email as in the IOI Game. They will get notified about the swap by email
  • We will automatically create an account in the Trade Race Manager with the default password for the players who have NOT created the Trade Race Manager account. Do not forget to change the password.

We hope you have tried the game and enjoy the Trade Race Manager NFT launch together with the latest NFTs and IOI token wallet release.

Moreover, there is much more coming soon since the team is working hard to bring you spectacular game excitement.

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.


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