May 24

We Do Not Care About Bear Market In Trade Race Manager NFT Game


The cryptocurrency market has been hit by a huge pullback, and we see the prices dumping more than 60 % from their all-time highs in the case of some altcoins. The number one cryptocurrency Bitcoin has fallen 54 % from its all-time high levels. Trading is not easy, but as you can see, it is driven mainly by people’s emotions since most of them buy high and sell low and not the opposite. That is why 90 % of traders fail because they cannot play this game long-term and sustain it emotionally. The nonfungible tokens have real utility and  speculation is not the only motivation to buy. Let's have  a look at how you can survive market correction with Trade Race Manager NFT game.

The IOI Corporation has developed the Trade Race Manager NFT game  exactly to avoid these emotions where you do not need to be fearful when the markets are falling. It is just a game but you can make money anyway

The game vision is to connect the traders and gamers via the blockchain tools with the goal to mitigate the negative emotions while trading. The trading will become finally fun enhancing the play to earn model.

Trade Race Manager has created NFT Family

We have developed a group of NFTs that you can purchase or utilize according to your needs and get active or passive income. The players can leverage their trading skills but built the community too. Definitely read our recent blogs about the IOI token utilities to find out more and get the full picture about the IOI token.

Today we will have a look from a different perspective and compare the active or passive approach to how you can make livings as a member of the Trade Race Manager NFT family.

NFT crypto game active approach 

The game is offering various trading games and if you are a good trader you can benefit from it and gain valuable winnings.

The players have the choice to play for free or try paid games with a higher winning prize. Since we are an NFT game, you can participate in the trade race with a non-NFT car or buy a nice NFT car in our in-game marketplace. If you are a salesperson, you can sell the NFT car for a better price on the external markets and make additional profit.  Please read more about strategies how to earn $1000 a month in this article

We have two main opportunities for those who would like to spread and positive word of mouth about Trade Race Manager. You can become either affiliate and invite as many friends as possible or create your own trading team as well. The big advantage is that both affiliate levels and the teams are Nonfungible tokens as well.

We have published two comprehensive blogs about both topics last week.

The summary of active approach is listed below:

  • NFT trader racing
  • Affiliate hero
  • Building your empire with the team
  • Sell your NFTs

NFT crypto game passive approac

Besides the active approach, we offer our community a passive one, which can be a complementary benefit.  You can earn passive rewards just by owning our NFTs or a minimum of 1000 IOI. The premium memberships open different possibilities, which we will describe in the special blog soon.  Moreover, we are planning to launch the farming pool as well. The simple list of possible passive income consist of the following:

  • Buy NFT Cars and get staking rewards from 6 % - 24 % APY
  • Buy Mr. Rich Affiliate Avatar  and get staking rewards 18 % APY
  • Buy Track NFT and get 3 % from prize pool 
  • Buy the Team NFT and get 10-20 % from premium membership
  • Hold 1000 IOI and get 10 % from IOI reward pool every month
  • Buy premium membership and get team bonus

Reasons why to join the Trade Race Manager game NFT Family

As you can see, there are various reasons why you should join our NFT family and enjoy the game. Definitely, you can forget if the market is bullish or bearish and find your personnel way how to enjoy the game..

The IOI token will be listed on the exchanges very soon, and if you want to trade anyway, this is the right time. If you do not want to trade, just hold the token or buy the NFTs and have fun as a Trade Race Manager NFT family member.

We are continuously building the multiplatform not only for trading community but also for gamers.

Moreover, the IOI Corporation is building a whole ecosystem called IOI World and plan to add even more.

Stay with us because this is just getting better. 

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions or read the official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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