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What are the TOP 6 IOI Token utilities?


Dear community,

Since we are approaching the IOI Token public sale very soon let me summarize the main areas where you can use the token.  

Before we dive in, we hope that you had the chance to look at the NFT cars collection launched at Arkane Market Place. Our team is happy to inform you that we have already sold another NFTs for the value of $23 000 during this week. Hurry up and buy the NFTs special edition before it’s gone and start racing.

If you have any questions about how to transfer the NFT car  into the game please watch the latest How-To Video.

The main four IOI Token utilities, also explained in the video version,  in our gaming ecosystem are in the following categories:

1. Nonfungible token races

Once you have the IOI token you can become a member of the Trade Race Manager NFT family purchasing one of our NFTs as explained in this article.

What to do with the NFTs cars once you have purchased them and how to leverage your trading knowledge? 

You can join the wide range of races and that is precisely the topic we  touched on in the recent blog. Expect much more educational material coming soon.

If you are a beginner you can test the trading game with the free race but we encourage you to move on the advanced level and try the Fast Race Beginner or Fast Race Semi-Pro.

Please be aware there are various types of NFT games coming soon and the token utility will become much broader.

2 . Make the Team and build the empire

You can become either a team owner or team manager. Let's have a closer look at these two possibilities.

  • As a  team manager you will get the following capabilities: 
  • Create your trading strategy for racers in your team
  • Get 10 % from each premium member - 5 IOI 
  • Premium members get added value from daily tips, premium fuel, and much more daily tasks
  • The maximum team capacity is 1000 members  
  • You need to hold 1000 IOI to become a manager

The capacity of your team is highly dependent on your activity. The manager can make on average 500 IOI a month but he can make even 5000 IOI if the team is complete. The team manager is also ranked by his team members. There is a strong community aspect.

 As a  team owner you will get other advanced capabilities: 

  • Hire the managers  to build and lead the racing  teams 
  • Get 20 % from each premium member - 10 IOI 
  • The maximum team capacity is 1000 members  
  • You need to pay 1000 IOI to become the owner of a team

The owner can make on average 1 000 IOI a month but he can climb up to 10 000 IOI if the teams are full of premium members. 

Do not forget that teams you own are also NFTs. The owners are therefore motivated to hire the best managers to get the highest possible NFT team price on the market.

3 . Become a Premium member 

You have basically two possibilities how to join the Trade Race Manager game:

  • Free member
  • Premium member

As a free member you can enjoy most of the opportunities of the game but as the premium one, you get additional benefits. The premium membership costs 50 IOI tokens a month.

4. Affiliate levels as Avatars nonfungible tokens

The second added value where you can leverage your rewards is the Trade Race Manager Affiliate system. We will focus on this topic in the specific article but we would like to describe how you can use IOI tokens to get the level.

The structure is straightforward. We follow the same tiers as the NFT cars, starting with common up to the legendary tier. The tiers are bringing you various affiliate provisions depending on which level you are on.

We made it simple and you buy the level very soon on the Arkane marketplace  as  NFT and here is the IOI token utility. See an example of the Legendary affiliate level benefits. The best reward ratio brings you the Mr. Rich Legendary Avatar also with 18 % APY staking rewards.

5 .Reward pool benefits

For those who are going to be long-term with us, we have a reward pool benefit. The 1000 IOI Tokens is the minimum amount if you want to join the VIP club of Trade Race Manager and enjoy the passive income. 

But if you are really a gaming and NFT fanatic there is a lifetime possibility where you need  to hold 10 000 IOI Tokens. You can get either 10 % or 90 % from the IOI reward pool on the monthly basis. 

The rewards are paid out once per month and they are a public platform’s net profit pool paid in the IOI token cryptocurrency. Watch the reward pool getting filled in real-time and see the history of the distribution. 

6. Farming pool gateway

Last but not least you can enjoy the special farming pool APY benefits but you have to hold IOI tokens according to the following structure:

  • 100 IOI tokens - 12 % APY
  • 1 000 IOI tokens - 18 % APY
  • 5 000 IOI tokens - 24 % APY
  • 1 0000 IOI tokens - 36 % APY

This feature will be implemented into the IOI wallet. 

As you can see the IOI token has many utilities but this can be adjusted anytime as IOI Corporation is building a whole ecosystem called IOI World.

Stay with us, because this is just getting better. 

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions or read the official whitepaper.

 Company website,





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